Executive Council


Joan Bear - Chief Executive Officer

It has been a honour to help build a Tribal Council with a great team of employees and under great leadership of the elected members of each Chief and Council. I have established personal organizational goals through the 2019/2020 BATC Business Plan that was approved by the Executive Council.

1. BATC to have a positive Financial Position.

2. BATC to obtain a low risk General Assessment rating.

3. Increase Revenue by 2 million dollars.

4. Establish good governance by supporting all BATC Boards.

5. Increase Employment ratios for BATC members.

6. Measure effective services and communication to the members. 

As a team we have achieved all the goals with the exception of establishing a Low risk general assessment rating.  I look forward to continue working with the Executive Council, Elders and all the BATC boards that have been in place to ensure we continue to grow.


Kathy Kissick – Chief Financial Officer

In fiscal 2019/2020, we have successfully created a surplus financial position and are moving forward with a strong business and financial plan to support the future and continued growth of our organization.  Our strong financial team takes pride in working as a team with BATC management to ensure a strong dedication throughout the organization to financial compliance, as well as our commitment to accountability and transparent reporting to our leaders and membership.


Terrance Thomas - Chief Operations Officer

With the growth we have experienced in our first 10 years, compounded with the impact of our vision aspirations, governance’s focus has been Best and Next Practices.  Building our Organizational Capabilities in order to manage the changes needed to accomplish new goals.