BATC Athletics

Fenton Favel—Director of Sports & Recreation

The Battlefords Agency Tribal Chiefs (BATC) Sports Inc in 2017-2018 created a Board of Directors to over see operations in the area of sports. Our goal in 2017-2018 was to develop a Strategic Plan , Terms of Reference and timelines that were met by the Board and staff. The Board focused on a framework on board development , policy and procedures and coordinating efforts to promote Sports,Culture,Youth & Recreation initiatives


2023 Tony Cote Winter Games Technical Sports Package 


 FSIN Youth Hockey Champion (pdf version)


Hockey Coaching/Assistant Coaching + Trainer Information:

Here is some hockey coach/assistant coach requirement information. Each coach or trainer must be registered with the proper coaching certification:

ICOP form must be filled out for each participant for coaching and officiating, click here to view the pdf copy of the participant form

Coach 2 Level has 3 training steps:

  1. HU-ONLINE COACH 1/2 – must be done before on-ice session
  2. HSK Coach 2 classroom online – must be done before on-ice session
  3. Attend Coach 2 ice session - all courses can be found here.

*There is no coach fee to take the courses, except for the on-ice session*


Curling Coach Information:

Each Coach and Managers must be a minimum age of 21 years old.

  • Coaches must be an NCCP “trained” Curling Club Coach Youth or Level One Curling Certification.  Coaches must be trained by March 13th, 2023.  Coach Exemption: Coaches who are not trained prior to February 26th 2020 can apply for an exemption to the CURLSASK. Coaches will only be granted an exemption once in a lifetime for any CURLSASK sanctioned events.


Basketall Coach Information:

All basketball coaches need to be certified with Learn to Train as well as the Making Ethical Decisions online evaluation. You can find more information about the course at 

Basketball SK is offering a Learn to Train clinic in Saskatoon on Feb 25th and 26th.  This is an open course for anyone to attend so I would encourage any coaches who need their certification to register for it as there is a limit of 18 coaches. Coach fee for this clinic is $285 which needs to be paid up front. Follow the steps to register: